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Horizon Line was fused together in 2015, and has been providing electric Rocky Mountain Rock & Roll to the Colorado high country ever since.  Born out of the whitewater scene of the Arkansas Valley, this band is fueled by days on the river and nights on the stage.  'Horizon Line' in whitewater terminology refers to a drop in the river gradient indicating rapids or falls ahead.  So prepare to get rowdy, and hold on tight!  This 4-piece band delivers a deep list of original music inspired by the highlights, and lowlights, of Colorado mountain living.  Don't be surprised if you also hear some of your favorite jam band, classic rock, and blues covers too.


With 100+ live performances under their belts, this band of brothers has continued to evolve and develop their distinct sound that you'll hear today.  Kevin Broadrick is the bass guitar front-man, with a thunderous Fender Jazz bass and a slight southern draw as he belts out his soulful lyrics.  Mike Bianco is often times the band hype-man, and he knows how to get the people on their feet with his screaming PRS guitar and energetic vocals.  Kevin Maxie delivers a tone that is unmistakable, both with his bluesy guitar rhythms and solos as well as his powerful voice.  Mark Helman owns the drum kit, and punches out a steady beat with snappy fills that keeps the band true to it's rock & roll sound and style.  Horizon Line owes so much to the incredible locals fanbase that continues to inspire them to keep Rocky Mountain Rock & Roll alive!

Kevin Maxie, a.k.a. Kev - Guitar & Vocals
Mike Bianco, a.k.a. Mikey - Guitar & Vocals
Kevin Broadrick, a.k.a. KB - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Mark Helman, a.k.a. Sparky - Drums & Percussion

Hometown:  Leadville, CO

Est. 2015

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